Coherent fluctuation nephelometry in clinical microbiology

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In this article data concerning coherent fluctuation nephelometry (CFN) use in clinical microbiology is presented. CFN-analyzer allows to solve two important problems – fast urine screening for bacteriuria within 2-4 hours and antibiotic susceptibility testing within 3-6 hours. Altogether more than 650 urine samples were tested, and the effectivity of CFN-analyzer for preliminary selection of samples for further analysis was shown. Method allows to detect negative samples, reducing the number of urine analyses by 70-80%. Simultaneous analysis of growth curves and concentration of microorganisms shows high sensitivity and specificity (95.2% и 96.9%). Also more than 250 antibiotic susceptibility tests were performed using CFN-analyzer to show its effectiveness for determination of resistant properties of both pure cultures and urine microflora without isolation of bacteria. The agreement with traditional methods was from 84% to 88%. The use of CFN-analyzer with express methods of identification of microorganisms (chromogenic nutrient broths or mass-spectrometry) allows to make full urine analysis within 1-2 days. In the future CFN-analyzer gives an opportunity to screen different human biological liquids, and finds an application for other microbiological tasks, including standardization and speeding-up in sanitary bacteriology.

About the authors

A. S. Gur’ev

Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI);
Medtechnopark Ltd.

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0001-8823-7819

PhD, Senior Researcher, Research Laboratory, M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical and Research Institute (MONIKI); Researcher, Medtechnopark Ltd.

Contacts: Alexander S. Gur’ev 129110, Russian Federation, Moscow, Shchepkina str., 61/2, M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI). Phone: +7 (906) 062-06-73.

Russian Federation

O. Yu. Shalatova

Pasteur Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology

Junior Researcher, Laboratory of Biopreparations, Innovative Technologies Departmen ussian Federation; Researcher Russian Federation

E. V. Rusanova

Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI)

MD, PhD, Lead Researcher, Research Laboratory, M.F. Vladimirsky MONIKI; Chief Supernumerary Specialist in Bacteriology, Department of Healthcare of the Moscow Region Russian Federation

I. V. Vasilenko

Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI)

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-6374-9786
PhD, MD (Medicine), Professor, Head of the Research Laboratory ussian Federation; Researcher Russian Federation

A. Yu. Volkov

Medtechnopark Ltd.

ORCID iD: 0000-0001-5110-553X
PhD (Physics and Mathematics), Director of Medtechnopark LTD Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2019 Gur’ev A.S., Shalatova O.Y., Rusanova E.V., Vasilenko I.V., Volkov A.Y.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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