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Abstract. The mechanisms of the immune system responding to an infection depend on a complex interrelation between the elements of innate and adaptive immunity. The current understanding of how signaling from innate immunity receptors shapes the adaptive immune response against pathogens and how it looks like the adaptive control of innate immunity are discussed in the article. One of the main problem needed to be highlighted is if adaptive immune cells suppress or activate innate immunity? Several studies yield new light to the question how the adaptive immunity can compensate, suppress and activate innate immunity. The role of inflammatory signals of dendritic cells activation in induction and modulation of adaptive immunity is described. Innate immunity receptors instruct the adaptive immune system on when and how to best respond to a concrete infection.

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I. S. Freidlin

НИИ экспериментальной медицины СЗО РАМН, Санкт-Петербург

Author for correspondence.

член-корреспондент РАМН, профессор, руководитель отдела иммунологии

197376, Санкт-Петербург, ул. Акад. Павлова, 12

Russian Federation


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