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The «in vitro method» for expression of toxin-production by phenotypically non-toxigenic strains of C. diphtheriae containing the “silent” toxin gene has been developed. The method can be characterised as rapid, economical, not demanding use of experimental animals, available to practical and scientific laboratories. Optimal conditions using this method were defined: nutrient mediums, frequency rate of passages, which provided restoration of toxin production. This method allowed to restore toxin-production in 10 out of 18 tested strains of C. diphtheriae with the “silent” toxin gene. Moreover, there was an increase of toxin roduction of by C. ulcerans and C. diphtheriae var. intermedius to the level allowing to detect toxin in the standard tests. The phenotype of a toxin-producing was defined by the Elek-test and ICS (immunechromatography set).

About the authors

S. A. Gabrielyan

National Public Health Institute named after S.Kh. Avdalbekian, Ministry of Health, Yerevan, Armenia 0051, Armenia, Yerevan, Komitasa str., 49, 4. Phone: (3741) 23-69-01

Author for correspondence.

PhD (Medicine), Associate Professor, Head of the Scientific and Practical Centre of Microbiological Researches, National Institute of Health named after Academician S.Kh. Avdalbekyan, Ministry of Health, Republic of Armenia, Yerevan,

Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2015 Gabrielyan S.A.

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